Saturday, March 14, 2009

just a dream

I know I should let go, but I can't. Even in my sleep I am tormented by thoughts of you, dreams of you... of us. Two nights ago I dream this dream:

I came to your city to run my first marathon - not because it was your city, but because I had vowed to run my first marathon there long before I had met you. I hadn't contacted you to tell you I'd be there because we had stopped communicating awhile ago and I figured you just wouldn't care to see me and had forgotten all about me. I ran my marathon and was thrilled. I knew no one would be at the finish line for me, but it didn't matter because I did this for me.

A fellow runner was chatting me up and just as he's suggesting we go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate I feel a firm grasp on my arm pulling me away. I turn and am shocked to see your face.

"Congratulations, little girl. You did good."

I continue to look at you in shock, at a loss for words. You grab my hair at the back of my head tightly in your fist and you pull me in for a long, passionate kiss that makes me weak in the knees. You break the kiss only to lick my face. I whimper and start to pant - immediately hungry for you. I whimper "Master".

You whisper in my ear, "Yes, baby. Your Master is here," I moan loudly and start to beg. I want to cum. I need to cum. I beg to have you inside me... in every hole.

"Not here, baby. Let's go."

I wake and I sob when I realize it was only a dream. It felt so real, seemed so real. I wish it had been real.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'd foolishly give anything to be your perfect girl again... because I don't know who I am without you; all I know is that I should.