Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy birthday indeed

Him: Happy belated birthday, my cherished sweet little fuckmonkey.

me: Thank you, Master

Him: Well you won't get to blow your candles out.

me: i won't?

Him: No. You'll be made to stand over them, make a wish, and rub my meat until you use your cum to extinguish the flames... As you suck my cock.

me: whimpers

me: i need your cock, Master. Every day i need you more. And every day it gets more difficult to be away from you.

Him: Do you have any idea how badly your Master wants to feed it to you, use all your holes at my whim - my bitch always at the ready, always willing to serve?

me: i have no idea, Master.

Him: ALWAYS, CUNT. Your Master wants and needs you always.

me: Master, you're making me ache. I need to be filled by you.

Him: You will be. My meat will be filled with my cock, then stuffed in your mouth... Held deep. Cum splashed down your throat; so deep you won't taste it. Then you'll suck and adore me till hard again. Then my bitch will spread her ass wide for her Master and beg for her ass to be filled. And beg well, my little whore, because I will only drag it over your asshole softly until I am satisfied. My saliva dripping from my mouth , splashing over your little puckered hole. The head of Masters cock smearing it in.


me: Yes, Master.

Him: MY MEAT, WHORE! Is that clear?

me: whimpers and pants

me: Yes, Master... yours.

Him: Your entire being, your every thought belong to ME!!

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