Saturday, January 3, 2009

torment for a cunt

I sat very still, very quietly, and nude on the hard and uncomfortable chair. He made his way toward me with the grace and stealth and confidence of a panther. My mouth went dry as I watched him. I was sure he could see how my breathing had changed. He could probably already smell my arousal... his meat, as he liked to call it.

"Are you soaked, my little cumrag?"

The sound of his voice and those words made me want to cum that very instant. Of course I was soaked. I was aching and throbbing and I desperately wanted to beg him to fuck me that very instant. But I knew better. He wouldn't make it that quick or that easy, no matter how much I begged. So I replied, like the dutiful little cunt he loves me to be.

"Cross your legs." His order was like a bark. It always made me sit with my back very straight and it always made me pay very close attention. He had that effect on me. I immediately crossed my right leg over my left while I sat on the edge of the chair with my back very straight and gripped the edges of each side of the seat tightly enough that I could feel my knuckles straining against my skin.


I whimpered and gasped as he raised his voice and immediately did as he commanded. There was no need for hesitation. His commands were always clear and simple, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Watching him and listening to his commands made my clit throb with need and my cunt ache to be filled. I wanted to cum right then and there.

"Master, please? Please?" I begged so sweetly, so nicely.

"Today we see what my bitch is made of." I understood those words and his intent behind them. He was going to torment me mercilessly... and I was going to love every single moment.

"I need it, Master. Please. Your cunt is throbbing wildly, Master." He knew very well what "it" was. He knew me to be a cum-hungry whore... HIS cum-hungry whore. I needed him to command the orgasm. Without his command or permission I wouldn't and couldn't cum.

"No. You WILL control what I own. You WILL be an OBEDIENT WHORE. You WILL OBEY ME."

"Yes, Master. Always, Master."


"oh God... Master!" I spread my legs wide apart and he barked that he wanted them wider. My blood rushed to the lips of my cunt and to that pesky little button that aided his torment of me. I needed him to fill me with his glorious cock. Parting my legs wide for him only made me more aware of how empty I was without him. The cool air on his wet meat made me shudder as my body temperature rose as I slipped deeper into subspace.

"Bitch want my cock?"

"Yes! Yes, Master. Please! I need all of you. I need my Master." I heard the desperation in my own voice. I sounded pathetic and needy.

My pathetic begging was rewarded. He masturbated before my very eyes, mere inches from my face and denied me the pleasure of touching him. I watched, hungry and needy and desperate to suck him with my mouth and stroke him with my hands.

"Open your mouth wide, bitch. WIDE! And don't you dare swallow. I want to see you drool. You don't swallow until I tell you to swallow."

I opened my mouth as wide as I could. My jaw ached. I watched, whimpering with my mouth open while he jacked his cock and filled my mouth with his cum. I choked and gagged a little with my efforts not to swallow when his cum hit the back of my throat. I held the puddle of his cum in my mouth. I heard him groan and then he did what I thought I would never allow anyone to do to me. He pissed on my naked flesh. His warm, liquid golden fluid splashing off my face and neck and breasts.

I was shocked and maybe even a little disgusted at first. And then, strangely enough, I was even more aroused than I had been seconds before. He was marking me... with his cum, his piss and spit. He was marking me as his. That's exactly what I was and am. I am his. He does what he wishes with me and to me.

With that realization I moaned louder. I began to feel the tiny muscles in my cunt spasm. I was nearing an uncontrollable orgasm. Luckily, he recognized the signs and immediately took control of it, of me.

"Legs crossed. SQUEEZE them tight. Give your mind to me. You will not cum. You will control what you have given me. I am in control of your body and mind. It does all your Master asks of it. SWALLOW, my bitch!"

I felt it coat my throat. I went deeper into subspace, in a daze... in a haze. I licked my lips and tasted his piss on them. I realized then just how fully he owned me and was aroused beyond measure by how far I would go for him.

"Master, I love you so very much."

"I love you too, my treasured child."

He had never spoken those words. I didn't think he'd ever tell me he loved me. I didn't think he would ever love me. My eyes began to fill with tears.

"You will not cry. Your body will relax. It is mine and it will do as I say. Is that understood?"

I nodded my head, blinking back tears and looking at him adoringly.

"Your body and mind will be held on the brink - a constant state of bliss until I say to let it go. Let the throbbing fill you, feed you. Let the ache in your nipples pierce your body."

I whimpered, "Master, the throbbing and aching won't stop."

"No, it won't. But that is where it will stay. Aching. Knowing Master will decide when. And you will lovingly keep it there. Your mind and cunt filled with the thought and feeling of Master's cock slipping in and out of you over and over and over again. Your wet hole only there to please his cock, his every animalistic desire. Your orgasm his gift if he decides it."

I moaned like a bitch in heat. I felt like an animal. My need for him was overpowering and raw.

"Legs wide, my lucious little cumrag."

I moaned and groaned louder. "Every time you have me open wide I'm made achingly aware of how empty I am without you... and the throbbing increases."

He wiped his semi-flacid cock across my cheek. My mouth instinctively opened wide and turned towards his cock. My cunt spasmed again and I whimpered desperately.

"Open and close repeatedly. WHOSE IS IT !?!?"

"Yours. Yours. It wants to cum."


"To serve you."

"Good girl. You will own that statement of truth. Open and close faster. Feel my little cock pocket sucking for what isn't there. Aching. Swollen. Needing. CROSS THEM! Now uncross, legs together and relaxed."

I whimper a pathetic "Master".

"You WILL control my body."

"Master... Master... please." I am more desperate than ever to cum, to be filled. He is merciless and doesn't allow it.

"Who owns you, bitch?"

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